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Transport Canada Recreational Boating Standards

The marine safety publication for new Transport Canada Recreational Boating standards as set out by Transport Canada can be found on Transport Canada Website the link below:




The number of the publication is TP 15136E. This number is found near the bottom of the page as the publications are in numerical order.


The form to complete to register your school and vessels to be used for training can be found at the end of the publication as well as the equipment needed for all vessels that are being used for training.


Form to be completed by all sailing schools under the recreational Boating Standards Regulations.


Alternatively the form (Number 80-0028) to be completed by all sailing schools can be found by clicking on the link below




Once this form is completed it needs to be emailed to




Any enquiries regarding Transport Canada Recreational Standards can be found on the Transport Canada Website or contact may be made with Transport Canada in Victoria through Roberta Kovar.



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